When going into the temple, directly in the middle there is a block of blue wool on the floor. If you brake the block there will be a 10 block drop down leading to a pressure plate. If you stand on this pressure plate 9 blocks of TNT will explode. If you want to do this for fun, feel free to do it, but first around the pressure plate there will be four chests out of these four chests, I got…

About the seeds

The trick to getting to the treasure in the jungle temple is to solve the lever puzzle. There are 3 levers, and pushing all of them to the right position will open a trap door (not an actual trap door) next to one of the stairs going up to the top floor of the temple. Inside the room that the trapdoor has revealed is a single chest that contains a few items. Beware of the tripwire also in the dungeon - - Tripping the trap will cause arrows to fire at you…  Also, I have told you were one chest in the temple lies there are actually two chests in the temple can you find the other chest?  BELOW shows the items I got from BOTH chests!

When you spawn on the nether fortress world you will spawn on the edge of a jungle, go 8 blocks forwards from spawn point, then go 10 blocks right and build your nether portal!